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Moxibustion is a main treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This patch is a sticker version of the orginal herbal therapy which normally uses a potent smoke to generate heat through the merdians of the body.


The smoke and smell of the original therapy can be offensive to certain people so this is a perfect alternative. The patch feels warm for up to 4 hours and is placed over specific acupuncture points that will help your condition.


Moxa or mugwort is a warming herb that is used in cases of menstrual pain, joint pain, low libido, low energy, infertility, weakened immune system, and loose stools or weak digestion. Please ask your TCM practitioner for a diagnosis that indicates the use of this herb prior to using moxa heat patches.


*Please consult a TCM practitioner before using. Do not use if you have had a TCM diagnosis that indicates excess heat or yin deficiency. 

Moxa Heat Patch

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